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The team chose the name referring to the High Dam in Egypt , for which reason the building has flooded the Nubian area in Egypt and Sudan . that cause the vanishing of its cultures and traditions , which was distinguishing this region in language , music , poetry , dances , art , colors and outfit.

Formed in 2012, High Dam band works on the reproduction of the Nubian Folkloric music in a contemporary technique by adding modern instruments and a divertive distribution. Some of which are fast pace and others with the multi-musical passion of the team members of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Despite that the Nubian culture seems to be spreading , the team members were interested to extend more ,reaching a larger audience .

High Dam band concerts are full of harmony , using sentences that characterizes their songs to synchronize with the audience such as “Negrita” their most famous.

“I am an Egyptian,Nubian,African,Arab” , built a strong desire to open up the Nubian culture widely welcoming other cultures inevitably .

In 2017 High Dam band brought the connection with the audience into the scene, as they have introduced the Nubian culture in their clothes and stage performance using uniforms such as “Dashiki” and “Sapiurs” .A great evolutionary progress has been noticed as they wrote new songs and seeking to integrate in workshops with musicians from central and West Africa to access new and different allocations

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Line Up

Hassan Jamaica (vocal)
MR.Booney (Lead Guitar)
Karim Mostafa (Vocal, Keyboard)
Ahmed Remo (Bass Guitar) 
Ahmed Khairy (Percussion) 
Mohamed Gomaa (Percussion)
Kisho (Drums)

Press Kit

Stage Plan

Tech Rider

Live Performane:

Video Clips :

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