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Fusion - World Music

is an Egyptian Independent Band that plays & mix together a vast variety of Music genresincluding jazz , funk , oriental , African and western music.The band idea was an initiative of Nour Ashour (the famous Egyptian saxophonist) to bring togetherdifferent musicians from a various walks of life to perform & play together a sort of music that notonly entertain its listeners but also touches their hearts.Nour Project is a living proof of raw talent, ambition and honesty. The whole concept behind the project is topromote music that can easily be heard and heart felt allowing listeners to deliberately connect and reflect to thesongs they listen to. Their inspiring songs lyrics & performance support in restoring faith in humanity that gotlost in the everyday life rhythm and encourage enjoying life and give hope for making a better world .The Band consists of 6 talented musicians using different instruments and playing together in aharmony and as they Composes their own music and songs lyrics mixing oriental with westernmusic, re-playing old traditional songs using their own way and melodies, this deliberatelyconnect their audience to their song an touches their hearts.


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Line Up

Nour Ashour - Saxophone and Vocal 
Ousso Lotfy - Lead Guitar 
Wael Badrawy - Keyboard 
Muhammad Nabil - Percussions 
Fady Badr - Keyboards & Qanoun 
Marwan W. Zaki - Drums
Mahmoud Abdel Fatah - Oud

Press Kit

Stage Plan

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Stay Tuned

The First Album


Live Performane:

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