Ahmed is an active musician and cultural operator for more than ten years.
He participated with many music bands in Egypt as a base guitar player and also contributed in operating a lot of cultural projects in Alexandria.
During the past years, he participated in many international festivals, such as the Boulevard and Vimeo.
He established with others the Alexandria Musicians Community, through which technical support is provided to musicians inside the city, in addition to his participation as a member of  Almena band.
 Ahmed participated in a number of cultural management workshops inside Egypt and abroad
He has been working as Platform Coordinator since 2014 until now.

Mounir gained several experience in sound engineering since 2003 when he started to work at Jesuits Cultural Center. As he was part of the team working on the music concerts and also theatre performances presented there. 
While he attended workshops and training programs to Refine his expertise in that field in Egypt, Tunisia, Sweden and Jordan, he managed to operate more than 5000 live concerts performed by Egyptian and international artists either at Jesuits or other theatres or at Bibliotheca Alexandrina where he works currently, besides attending festivals of Avignon, l'boulevard and Carthage.
He is the sound engineer of Platform activities since 2019.

In 2010 he started working at Fig Leaf studios in Alexandria as a cameraman, gaffer and production assistant. He joined the film school at Jesuits Cultural Center in Alexandria from 2013 till 2015. From 2015 till 2019, he worked in Jesuits Cultural Center as a media manager and the French Institute as a videographer Kirellos worked in many independent films that took place in Alexandria in the past seven years. He also is a co-founder of Spartacus for visual arts, trainer at Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF ) 2016
He joined Platform team in 2019 as a videographer to all activities related to live music sessions.


Her field of work and research is related to community art/work wherever it might be.

She works as a multidisciplinary artist, cultural operator and program manager. 
She was exposed during 20 years of experience to several types of trainings on managing and facilitating cultural/art programs.
Music and cinema working fields came by experiencing multiple involvements in either projects or programs she was curating besides being a great passion.
Dahlia joined Platform team in 2015, and later on she became Music From Here program officer.

Adham is an experienced Musician with over 15 years in independent music scene. Oud player, composer and also worked as band manager and strategy and planing advisor. 
He has participated in several national and international music festivals with several bands
Almena, his current band won the first Egyptian Musician recorded at Abbey Road Studio in London 2019.
He is the grants program officer at platform since 2016

Founder and Director of “Nowhere Online Music Platform” since 2012. He consulted, coordinated and curated several culture projects and events as a freelancer. He also trained and lectured in workshops on filmmaking, VJ, in Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon and Uganda. Emad is a highly prolific filmmaker, having directed a rich diversity of short fictions, documentaries and others since 2002. He was the director of the cultural program at the Jesuits cultural center for 14 years. He built strong relationships with bands around the Arab region. He has designed several musical events within Egypt for the Jesuit cultural center, French Institute, and Goethe institute and other independent ones.

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